As we all know that the productivity, specifically in educational sectors, does varies with the variation in channels in the related functions and operations. Schools and colleges conduct classes with proper interactions among students and teachers in physical classrooms and the flow of academia runs effectively and smoothly. For the first couple of weeks, all the institutions were closed by the order of government. The little pause in the educational sector was okay but with time, that pause was seemed to be getting converted into a loss, a loss for students majorly.

The fact that everything comes at a cost, the decision of taking virtual classes in the schools and colleges of Melbourne was the best option in this global pandemic and the cost for this is reduction in productivity. No one create the same environment as of the classroom. The learning and teaching behavior do get affected. There are several obstacles like connectivity, input and output audio/video, familiarization with the latest tools and technologies and ultimately, the interest of students in studies online when there are a number of distractions available and there is no one to supervise them. The advantages are being punctual as there is no hassle of traffic. Cars, airport cabs and silver taxi Melbourne are not as occupied as they were before. Business activities are being held online.

Now the question is for how long? The world is in disorder but ultimately the role technology is here once again. People are inclining more towards technology like to book taxi Melbourne, availing online Melbourne airport transfers services, teaching and learning from online channels and communicating with their beloved ones. Parents are not so much worried as their children’s studies are in flow. Similarly, teachers are putting their maximum effort to serve their students. Since it’s mandatory to avoid public places, one can respect the decision made by authority and wait for the better days to come.