Looking at the last week’s stats regarding covid-19, the increment in coronavirus cases in Melbourne has put a question mark to everyone’s thoughts, especially to the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, who adamantly addressed the media and shared his thoughts regarding the current situation and crisis in Melbourne. For everything that have been done so far, people suffered the most. From the highest earning class to the lowest social class, there is no doubt the covid-19 has embraced all in its grasp. The world is still struggling to discover its vaccine but for now, just like the Victorian Premier gave a push to enforce lockdown, majority of the governments have imposed lockdown with variation in strictness. Some have put an ease in lockdown as the number of covid-19 cases are experiencing a fall.

Businesses are still in depths of suffering as the efficiency of stakeholders have been affected. The plea to resume the businesses is in notice but the chances are very low to take such action. Australian population is seriously in misery as the recent bushfire that touched multiple states made a dark history. Moreover, the traveling have been put on cease and experts say that if the situation doesn’t calm down, then opening of airports before December 2020 would not be a wise decision. That’s correct. This epidemic is spreading in numbers and the intensity of contagiousness is very severe. The traveling for public is still close but for special purposes, people can travel with SOPs. The Melbourne airport to city and similar airport transfer services are working too as it is the best option to use taxi services for airport instead of coming with family in personal cars.

The loss of airport and several entities is unbearable but one can’t do anything about it. People are still traveling for the sake of their bread, family and residence. The airport transfers are being done by taxi services from Melbourne airport to the main city. Although the lockdown has proved itself to be the best decision so far, still the normality depends on the actions of people especially those who regularly travel for work.