Australia, being one of the best dairy producers in the world, hosts an annual dairy award competition. The Australian Grand Dairy Awards, commonly known as AGDAS, instigated in 1999. The sole purpose of this mega event is to invite all the dairy producers and recognize their efforts from taking the raw material from scratch, getting them processed and delivering the final healthy and tasty product in our refrigerators. The whole event is full of varieties of products from multiple dairy producers, farmers and the product owners. It is no doubt a milky way of the events one can ever witness.

Visitors who intend to join AGDAS as spectators gather the required information and book taxi from Melbourne airport a day prior to the mega event. People explore the uniqueness in the world of dairy and meet the experts behind their creativity. Chief guests and judges are also honored and the people are allowed to have a talk with them. It’s like a dairy festival in Melbourne where more than 100 products are displayed with great effort and love. From plain milk and cheese, to delicious bread and ice-cream, one can never easily put his eyes away from those yummy dairy products.

The whole event is organized by Dairy Australia and people join the event from far suburbs in yellow cabs Melbourne. A panel consisting of 12-judges make their presence and without any biasness, the dairy products from the participants coming from all over the Australia are judged on multiple criteria. This year, the Victorian dairy producers clinched the highest number of Champion titles i.e. 7 out of 19 categories. This award is the highest accolade in the daily industry and it is also a channel to display the efforts of Australian farmers and dairy producers. The whole world witnesses this mega event and gets inspiration from these quality dairy producers.